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Friday, July 3, 2015

Erotic Lure Newsletter: Summer 2015 Edition

From Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Summer Sybarites,

What is it about summer and sex? They seem to go together like red wine and sharp cheddar, strawberries and whipped cream, whips and chains... Maybe it's because of the minimalist clothing. Nothing sets my pulse racing like a tanned, naked shoulder or a bared midriff. Perhaps it's the vacation vibe, the prospect of a holiday from the demands of the working world. A lazy afternoon in the hammock - a frolic in the surf - a balmy night on a grassy hill, under the blazing stars. Preferably with company, of course!

Whatever the reason, ERWA is here to make the season sexier than ever. Our Summer Edition is blooming with sensual delights, from incendiary fiction to uncensored films, carefully selected to enhance your personal pleasure.

In the Erotica Gallery we have a new crop of Awesome Authors, each of whom has contributed an erotic story or chapter to tantalize and arouse you. Whatever your preference for pairings, M/f, m/F, F/F or M/M, there's something to satisfy your desires. Authors from our Storytime list add to the mix, with tales in every mood: humorous, desperate, nostalgic, fantastic. You'll also find a brace of delicious poems to set you dreaming.

Send your imagination on vacation:

If you're worried about getting sand in your mobile device (I would be), we've got lots of  Books for Sensual Readers to spice up your time at the beach. The amazing Alison Tyler has two new erotic anthologies out, JUST FOR HER and JUST FOR HIM. Torquere Press has released MYTHOLOGICALLY TORQUED VOlUME 1, a massive collection of erotic tales with mythological themes which features not just the classical Olympians but also gods from Norse, Japanese and other mythological traditions. If you're brave enough to venture closer to the edge, check out outrageous GONZO COLLECTION by Daddy X.

A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice) has released another book in her classic "Beauty" BDSM series, BEAUTY'S KINGDOM. THE INHERITOR by Laura Antoniou is a new tale set in her Marketplace universe. PLAYING DIRTY by C.L. Parker offers a steamy erotic romance full of nasty business tricks. Fans of gay fiction won't want to miss James Lear's latest Dan Stagg novel, STRAIGHT UP, set in the ultra-masculine world of Marines and Special Ops forces. And I'm adding at least one new title to my multi-page TBR list: ME AND MY BOI, edited by Sacchi Green. I've never been disappointed by one of Sacchi's books.

Summer's a time to be self-indulgent. If you feel the urge to purchase any of these volumes, or the dozens of others featured in our Books for Sensual Readers pages, please remember to use the affiliate links on our site. It doesn't cost you anything, but it helps keep the Erotica Readers & Writers Association alive and writhing.

Beach reading was never hotter:

What about those of us who are creating all those books? The erotica market is growing, and so is our list of submission calls and publisher's guides in Authors Resources. New this week in are two anthology calls from House of Erotica, a call for speculative erotic stories to be podcast (for pay) and two new imprints, Sinful Press and Pride Publishing. The latter is a just-opened outlet for all types of GLBTQI fiction, part of the Totally Entwined publishing group.

Check the authors page frequently. We update it whenever we receive information about new publishing opportunities. And while you're there, why not browse the archives of craft articles from old editions of ERWA? You'll find great advice and thought provoking commentary from veteran authors. The archives also include book reviews, sex toy reviews, and opinion pieces from the legendary Smutter's Lounge. You could spend many productive and enjoyable hours in the archives.

Grow your writing career this summer:

But maybe "productive" is not what you want to be this season. In that case, you might want to explore the Sex Toy Playground. This edition shines the spotlight on our partner Adam & Eve, one of the oldest and most respected adult emporia in the business. Did you know that A&E donates 20% of the profits to charity? Why not do a good deed by purchasing some of the delightful gadgets showcased in the Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column?

And while you're wandering around in the Playground, sample some of our past "how-to" articles. Anal sex? Spanking? Ben Wa balls? If you've got a question, our experts may very well have the answer.

Play with yourself - or others:

When you're bored with the toys (if that ever happens...), make our Adult Movies section your next stop. This month's featured flicks include "Screwing Wall Street", starring real life stock-broker-turned-porn-star Veronica Vain. Stormy Daniels directs "When It Comes To You", a couples-oriented tale about a woman torn between two men. Sound like too much plot? Check out "Massive Curves" or "Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled Volume 5". (I suspect volumes 1 through 4 are also available...) And I'm drooling over the digitally remastered classic "Maraschino Cherry", directed by erotic master Henry Paris (otherwise known as Radley Metzger). As I may have mentioned in the past, I think Metzger's brilliant. Too bad my birthday is six months away!

You don't have to wait, though. Adult DVD Empire, SmutNetwork, Adam & Eve, Lesbian VOD, Gay DVD Empire - we've got links to all the best porn sources, and every purchase you make helps support the best sex-oriented site on the Web. (That would be ERWA, of course!)

Indulge in some visual stimulation:

Inside the Erotic Mind, the topic is private masturbation when you're in a relationship. Is it okay to pleasure yourself, even when you're having plenty of great sex with your partner? I found this discussion fascinating. To share your own thoughts and experiences, just click on the Participate link.

Meet kindred spirits inside the erotic mind:

This edition of the Erotic Lure is sponsored by Adam & Eve. The largest provider of adult products in the United States, A&E believes that your sex life should be as limitless as your desires. Every product they offer is backed by decades of experience, superior customer service, risk free shopping, and a passion for helping their customers explore sex in a positive way.

Before I sign off, I'd like to ask a favor. I'm running a reader survey, from now until July 25th. Could you take a few minutes to complete it? Every person who finishes the questionnaire will receive a coupon for a free erotic romance book. In addition, I'm giving away a $50 bookstore gift certificate to one lucky respondent.

The survey is here:

Alas, all good things must come to an end, including this newsletter. I hope your summer is an endless adventure filled with pleasure.

Heatedly yours,

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Release the Rate!

By Lisabet Sarai

You’ve probably heard by now that Amazon has revised its payment system for authors in the Kindle Unlimited program. The new rules are vague, but the basic criterion for author payment is now the number of pages read, rather than the number of books borrowed or bought read and at least 10% consumed.

This change will dramatically reduce many erotica authors’ income. Amazon hasn’t actually released specific figures (more on this below) but based on the information that is available, award-winning author and ground-breaking publisher Selena Kitt has calculated that authors will be paid about half a penny per page.

Previous rates were based on percentage of the book read, not pages. So an author who published wildly popular short fiction had a chance to make as much as a less popular author who produced lengthy tomes. Under the new scheme, this is not longer true. The change tends to disproportionately hurt erotica authors because many of the sexy books out there tend toward the short side. (Keep the heat raised for too long and your readers might collapse!)

In response to this modification in terms, a group of erotica authors has launched a campaign called #releasetherate. You can read about it in detail at Selena's blog. Basically, KU authors are encouraged to write to Jeff Bezos, asking two perfectly reasonable questions:

1. How many people are downloading our books?
2. How much are you paying us per page?

No business owner can be expected to survive without data on sales volume and market pricing. Yet Amazon is now withholding this information.

All we're asking is a bit of transparency. (And maybe a bit of respect...)

This campaign can succeed only if both authors and readers step up to challenge Amazon’s secretive policies.

Selena’s post includes sample text for letters to Amazon, for authors and for readers, as well as suggested Facebook and Twitter posts to share info about the campaign.

If you want erotic stories to be distributed via the KU program...if you believe that the quality of a reading experience should not be measured in pages...take action!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's Garden Porn Time Again

I’m just in from our back garden, fingers stained red from a hefty picking of raspberries. That’s right! It’s time for me to subject you to more garden porn, complete with pictures and sticky fingerprints on the keyboard. Most of you know that I grow my own veg and that I’m quite often inspired by getting down and dirty in the veg patch. I’ve written stories, chapters, entire novellas about the naughty things that can happen in a vegetable garden, or in a flower garden, or any garden for that matter.

Everyone loves to walk through a well-tended garden, and knowing you lot, as I do, I figure it’s probably a safe bet that, like me, you’re looking for all the nice little hidey-holes and private places where on might have a grope or cop a feel. Oh, you might not necessarily use them, but you’ll think about what it would be like if you did. You might be admiring the size of the courgettes or the cucumbers, or possibly even thinking about the dual use of the ordinary garden variety (You see what I did there?) carrot with it’s lovely orange shaft penetrating the earth while the lush fronds above ground are so very green and flogger-like. Who doesn’t love to play with their food?

My veg patch is sometimes well tended, but more often than not it looks a little rough around the edges, and as much as I love to wander through a well-ordered patch, it’s even more fun to shove and push my way through an overgrown garden. While there may not be an orgy of phallic veggies waiting to be picked, there are lots more places to hide and grope and play.

Personally, I think there’s something about a garden overgrown, a building left derelict that invites trespass. A five-star hotel is one thing, and believe me, I’m not dissing the pleasure of a fine mattress, but there’s something primal about a fuck on a mossy stone bench behind an overgrown hawthorn hedge, or forget the bench, the grass will do just fine, and it’s softer. Uncomfortable? Hell yes! But there are a lot of things that are worth doing in spite of the discomfort.

Maybe it’s about connection. Maybe that’s the appeal of a garden to me, you know, feeding ourselves with what we’ve grown, and garden porn … well if we eat from the earth, why not rut a little closer to the earth? It works for all of our animal cousins.

Maybe it’s just the time of the year. Maybe there’s something about watching the birds in the garden go at it, or seeing the plants grow from seedlings to fruiting courgettes or beans or corn plants. Perhaps it’s that first ripe strawberry teased out, fondled and plucked from the bed and then popped into your mouth, all juicy and sweet … or maybe popped into the mouth of a lover. Certainly soft, ripe fruit dripping and succulent is responsible for a multitude of sensual metaphors. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, and even more so at the thought of sharing that ripe juicy fullness mid-grope on that mossy stone bench behind the hawthorn hedge.

Several years ago while walking a bit of the North Downs Way not terribly far from home, my husband and I came across a hedgerow overgrown with wild plums. There must have been a quarter of a mile of scraggly trees, heavy with swollen fruit, buzzing with hungry insects. We ate all we could, licking the sticky sweet from our fingers, laughing like children, feeding each other and teasing. Then we stuffed our bags and took some home with us. All
throughout that next week, we ate fat, squishy plums and reminisced about our walk. The sensuality of the experience, the unexpected lushness of being offered up a feast in the middle of nowhere, the feeling of discovering a treasure trove has stuck with me. I have that feeling whether we’re picking wild blackberries along the canals and walking paths or harvesting sweet corn from our own little patch, that sense of awe at the abundance, the largesse of nature, that feeling of participating in something far more primal that just eating what’s good for me. The sensuality of what grows, the fecundity of the season can’t help but inspire the libido, and the muse takes full advantage of it, pointing out the subtle and the not so subtle inspiration of planting and digging and picking and eating and … playing with what we eat … playing with someone else with what we eat. With all that in mind, it’s hardly a surprise that gardens figure so prominently in story and that so much of what’s written about gardens is sexy.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go wash up the raspberries and share them with hubby. Happy summer, everyone! Share a peach, pop a cherry, appreciate the shape of a courgette, admire a carrot for the parts you don’t eat. Even though sometimes it’s easy to forget, at the end of the day, we’re still a part of nature, and sometimes that’s just fucking sexy! Enjoy!

Monday, June 29, 2015

We interrupt this program...

Hi, everyone, 
Just want to let you know that ERWA (website and email lists) will be transitioning to a new host this week. There may be intermittent disruptions with the email lists as well as the ERWA web site, but by the time it's concluded, we hope some of the nagging problems we've experienced over the past months will be history.

Thanks for your patience.
(And in just a few days, you'll be able to enjoy the summer edition of the ERWA website, and my Erotic Lure newsletter. Stay tuned!)
~ Lisabet

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Call for Submissions

To Obey Her
Edited by Jillian Boyd
Publisher: House of Erotica
Deadline: August 31st 2015
Word count: 3000-6500
Theme: Femdom BDSM
Genre: Contemporary setting, any subgenre welcome
Pairing: Any
Heat level: Scorching
Submission limit: One story per author
Payment details: Payment details: 50% of royalties split equally among the contributors and editor. Royalty threshold is £50.

For this anthology, I am looking for well-written, well-characterized and sizzling hot erotica with a strong femdom BDSM and kink element. I want a clear power dynamic between the Domme and the person (or people they’re playing with) – trust, respect and consent are keywords here. I welcome stories from both the Domme and the submissive’s point of view. Show me Dommes with doubts and imperfections, subs who know what they want and aren’t pushovers, the lighter side, the darker side, the love and trust and fun in the kinky sex these characters share.

I’d like the characters to be diverse in age, gender and sexual orientation (I would definitely welcome stories featuring characters who identify as queer or Trans*), race and experience. A first time sub being shown the ropes (take that as literally as you want) by a caring Domme? Bring it on. Two seasoned players and their day to day lives? Hell yeah. A creative twist on current popular BDSM erotica tropes? Surprise me! I am mainly looking for contemporary settings, but I wouldn’t turn away historical stories or stories set in the future. Send me the story only you can write.

Submission details at:

Call for Submissions

Edited by Jillian Boyd
Publisher: House of Erotica
Deadline: September 15th 2015
Word count: 3000-6500
Theme: Oral sex
Pairing: any
Genre: various
Heat level: Scorching
Submission limit: One story per author
Payment details: Payment details: 50% of royalties split equally among the contributors and editor. Royalty threshold is £50.

For this anthology, use your mouth. And tongue. And hands and fingers, for some assistance. Yes, I’m looking for stories about all kinds of oral sex. You can interpret that theme in any way you like, as long as you bring me strong characters, a creative plot and perhaps a little bit of fun and playfulness.

Pairings and characters can be varied in sexuality and gender (and in number). The focus is very much on oral sex – the taste of your lover, the scent, the feelings the act invokes in both the giver and receiver. Make me feel the urgency, the need, the intimacy and trust. I want these stories to cover the varied ways the oral pleasure can be served up, the varied emotions and catalysts for the act.

Submission details at: