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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pivot Points

Please press play and read on

When I was invited to join this group of esteemed erotic authors posting to the ERWA blog, I picked the 15th of the month for a reason: Pivot points. For me, the best stories, and poems for that matter, are about pivot points. Changes.

Falling leaves. Emerging buds. Sunrise,


Moonrise, high tide. Hello, goodbye, taste the shrimp creole, it’s to die for.

And it is kind of poetic and fitting that this, my first post, goes up January 15, 2012. Tomorrow, I start a new day job for a company that is clear across the USA from the company I have been affiliated with the past twenty-five years. It is worthy of note that I had picked the 15th as my date to post before I entered into the venture that is responsible for this change. I knew I’d be writing about transitions, but was not aware I’d be living a big one.

Anyway, twenty-five years. Half of my life. This is a big pivot point, methinks. And what about that jet airliner reference?

Today, my wife and I are flying across the country to spend a week at my new job to begin the transition. Today we look at possible new new homes. It is my experience that jet airliners and pivot points frequently go hand in hand. Jet airliners can lead to life in a motel, just me and the lady who graciously agreed to marry me over thirty years ago. Holding on to something familiar while changes race all about.

So while this, my little corner of the ERWA blog, in the future, will sometimes address sexy pivot points, like a first kiss between a couple who have discovered the first taste of chemistry on a blind date, or the gentle popping of a jeans-button and crackling of a zipper in the back seat of a Chrysler, today this blog celebrates the kind of pivot that opens onto the next step in a person’s life.

From my perch, 33,000 feet above the earth, I wish you all the best with your pivot points, be they small or large.


  1. Hello, Craig!

    I wish you and your lady the best of fortune in your new life.

    You sound like you're ready for new adventures. And I'm very glad to have you here at the pivot point of the month on the ERWA blog.

  2. Good luck, Craig! I wish you all the very best.

  3. Craig,

    Good luck for tomorrow. An enjoyable read. I shall be toasting your pivots from the UK this evening, and looking forward to future posts.


  4. I'm sure your new situation will provide plenty of inspiration for your writing. Enjoy!

  5. Thank you for your well wishes!

    Sorry for the late comment, but it is indeed a hectic week. I'm still out west, still learning new things and meeting new people.

    It's fun, but a bit overwhelming.


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