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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Change you Missed

Chances are, if you ever drank to get drunk, once or twice you've drank to the point of regret.  I certainly have.  It's a terrible feeling to awaken to the knowledge that you're not where you usually expect to be, then wonder what transpired.

The little story that follows tells of such a situation, and a surprising outcome, and through it all, a change in a life, or at least the possibility of one.

Stop, Slow, Stop, Slow

©  Craig J. Sorensen

You promised yourself it would never happen again.  Promised that you’d soothe your restless mind in another way.  Promised you never again wake up in . . . well

It looks like a doublewide, at least a quarter century old.  Neat as a pin, but showing its wear.  A train comes by so close, you can feel it in your ass.

She’s turned away, a sheet over her jackhammer frame, and you work to recall her face, but the dryness in the mouth and mammoth need to piss are the only indication of what went on last night.  You remember, bit by bit, the bar you migrated to starting at a classy pub downtown, just a stone’s throw from work.

You recall the bars, descending strata.  Never happy where you are, move on.  You lose count.  You wish you could remember.

You check the floor, expecting underwear next to the bed, socks half way across the room, t shirt in the door, the rest an ant crumb train to the front door, you do it like this.  Impatience and passion, yes, but also it makes for an orderly retreat.  Step, clothe, step, clothe, step, clothe until the door closes gently in your wake.

So unlike you, the neat stack of clothes on the Samsonite chair, a suit and tie, t-shirt, underwear, socks, and her threadbare jeans and tank top over the back.  What a pair you two must have been when you left that last bar.

Birds’ songs ascend as the train rumbles its last.

She stirs. 

You freeze, knowing that she’s at that state where your jostling the old bed will probably wake her.  You lay still as a worm thrust from the ground by a sudden rain, the caught in a cymbal crash of sun.  She turns in profile, still sleeping.

A little more haze lifts, and you recall later last night, pool played in a dive bar.  A girl who said she held up construction signs on road repairs.  Stop, slow, stop slow.  She beat you at nine ball again and again.  Not a thing about her was your kind of woman, and you wonder how you got here, no matter how much you drank, no matter how deep your need.  And that need was deep last night.

That much you remember clearly.

She sighs, and you start to get hard.  Surprise at how you respond after what must have passed last night.  Your desire is deep, like it was before you left the office, maybe even more.  It is not the predictable drained sensation steeped in regret that takes form when reason and cottonmouth set in.

You are harder.  Harder.  It actually starts to hurt.  Piss boner.  That’s it.

But you want her, want her bad.  You shouldn’t, especially when you already had her.  Especially when she’s so . . . so . . . so wrong.

She casts the sheet aside and shows off her muscular body.  You try not to look at the golden pubic hair and note the way her knurled knuckles rub there.  Her eyes are on you, her lips are smiling as her gaze drains down to the tent between your legs.  “Mornin’.”


Her fingers slide under the covers, up your thigh, and cradle your balls.  The cool of her hands is perfect, both soothing and exciting.  “I’m glad you suggested we wait until the morning.”

Probably couldn’t get it up.  As much as you drank . . .

Those cool hands join forces, one on your balls, the other stroking your rod.  “Seem’s you’re glad we waited too, but I must say, I never had so much fun just hanging out and talking.  Especially when I was as horny as I was last night.  And falling asleep with that hard cock against my back?  Amazing!  Don’t know how you could stand it, but it made me hot.”

“Uh, yeah, uh, that was great.”  You’re pretty sure you mean it.  You do know, that, as morning after regrets go, not remembering what you talked about is a first.

She smooths the pre come that has drooled into her hand up and down your shaft.  Licks it, with a smile, from her palm like a cat cleaning herself.  She opens her body.  “God, I can’t wait to feel you in me.”  Her fingers feel perfect as she rolls a rubber down your shaft.

You position between her thighs and savor her slick walls.  She gives a huge, deep, resounding, toe curling, lip stretching, jaw cracking sigh. 

You nearly come instantly.  You’re glad when she says.  “Just hold still so I can feel it all.”  You stay still until the come that threatened to escape eases back.  You need to come, you need to piss, you need water, you need to eat.

You need to breathe.

But you don’t do any of them.  You obey.  You only obey.  Never your strong suit, yet you do it well.  Buried to the balls in her, and yet you push tighter, and are met with an approving grunt.  It’s strangely tender, strangely rough, painful and yet you don’t want it to end.  Your arms around her back, your legs entwined in hers.  Still and full of need.

It is Saturday, your day to rush around and get things done at home.  Well, every day is a day to rush around, you’re never stay still, never patient.  So many reasons to rush, and really, do you need one?

But your bodies begin to move together.  Slow, stop, slow, stop, she seems to turn that construction sign, and you obey.  You are happy, strangely happy.

“God yes, you feel so good in me,” she whispers in your ear.

Slow, stop, slow, stop, you listen to her breaths, her moans her sighs as they ascend to a strangely gentle orgasm like a refined lady sneezing.  Bad as your needs are, they are superseded by the need to bring her another, see if you can make her writhe and come like a grenade.

And you do, pounding hard in her, but slowly, slowly ascending, your balls are hard as a wrecking ball.  You don’t want to come, but your body won’t listen, and you shoot so hard in the rubber you feel you must have burst it.

She unfurls the rubber, and lets you go to the bathroom first.  While she cleans up, you could leave.  You look back at the bed.  Looks nice, and you lie down and wait for her.

Waiting, not your strong suit.  Glad when she comes to bed, and curls up against you.  “Mind if I stay a little longer?”  You ask.

“I was kind of hoping you would.”

You wonder how long it might be, and for once, you don’t worry about it being too long.


  1. What a gorgeous little story. And a lovely twist in the middle. I really enjoyed it!

  2. Fabulous story!!! I really enjoyed the tension and surprise; the pleasure/pain aspect of the physical juxtaposed with the male character's fundamental emotional changes really adds to the sexual tension. A very vivid and strong piece!

  3. Thank you DeDe. Tension and surprise have played a big role in my life lately, so maybe that has a little to do with it.

    Perhaps you know what I mean.

  4. Magnificently original, Craig, not to mention incredibly erotic. Desire is so bloody unpredictable.

    I especially like this line:

    "You do know, that, as morning after regrets go, not remembering what you talked about is a first."

  5. Thanks Lisabet. The unpredictability of desire is indeed a wonderful thing.


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