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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Could it be Magic?

By K D Grace

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been writing a new paranormal erotic series on my blog called Demon Interrupted. It’s one of the many stories I wanted to explore when I finished writing the Lakeland Heatwave Trilogy. I decided to try my hand with a serial and put the story out as a freebie serial coming out every three weeks. Of course being back in the magical Lake District, back with the Elemental Coven, got me thinking about sex magic. Again. Still!

I’m always struggling to get my head around why sex is magic, why human sexuality defies the nature programme /Animal Planet biological tagging that seems to work for other species that populate the planet. I don’t think I could write sex without magic, and even if I could I wouldn’t want to. I’m not talking about airy-fairy or woo-woo so much as the mystery that is sex. On a biological level we get it. We’ve gotten it for a long time. We know all about baby-making and the sharing of the genes and the next generation. It’s text book.

But it’s the ravenousness of the human animal that shocks us, surprises us, turns us on in ways that we didn’t see coming. It’s the nearly out of body experience we have when we are the deepest into our body we can possibly be. It’s the skin on skin intimacy with another human being in a world where more personal space is always in demand.

When we come together with another human being, for a brief moment, our worlds entwine in ways that defy description. We do it for the intimacy of it, the pleasure of it, the naughtiness of it, the dark animal possessiveness of it. Sex is the barely acceptable disturbance in the regimented scrubbed-up proper world of a species that has evolved to have sex for reasons other than procreation. Is that magical? It certainly seems impractical. And yet we can’t get enough.

We touch each other because it feels good. We slip inside each other because it’s an intimate act that scratches an itch nothing else in the whole universe can scratch. During sex, we are ensconced in the mindless present, by the driving force of our individual needs, needs that we could easily satisfy alone, but it wouldn’t be the same. Add love to the mix, add a little bit of romance, add a little bit of chemistry and the magic soup thickens and heats up and gets complicated. I don’t think it’s any surprise at all that sex is a prime ingredient in story. But at the same time, I don’t think it’s any surprise that it is also an ingredient much avoided in some story.

Sex is a power centre of the human experience. It’s not stable. It’s not safe. It’s volatile. It exposes people, makes them vulnerable, reduces them to their lowest common denominator even as it raises them to the level of the divine. Is it any wonder the gods covet flesh? The powerful fragility of human flesh is the ability to interact with the world around us, the ability to interact with each other, the ability to penetrate and be penetrated.

So as I mull through it, trying for the zillionth time to get my head around it, I conclude – at least for the moment – that the true magic of sex is that it takes place in the flesh, and it elevates the flesh to something even the gods lust after. It’s a total in-the-body, in-the-moment experience, a celebration of the carnal, the ultimate penetrative act of intimacy of the human animal. I don’t know if that gives you goose bumps, but it certainly does me.


  1. Whew-- you gave me the shivers again. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Renee! And thanks so much for reading.


  2. A wonderful exposition. Even more so had I added an "S" at the beginning of (S)exposition. One of the better pieces of erotic writing about erotic that I have read. One worth reading over a few times. I am not fond of Panamoral (?) but I think I will follow you for a bit,as a reader not stalker.

  3. Thank you, Moose! I do like the Sexposition idea! And I write more than just paranormal ;-) Though I find paranormal a fantastic place to explore sex as magic.

  4. Sex is magic because it occurs within the flesh but takes us beyond. At its best, It's a portal to another dimension of being.

    Of course, it's not always like that. And I wonder sometimes whether the generation growing up today have any sense of the magic at all.

  5. Rent and watch the movie Don Jon, the one Joseph Gordon Levit wrote, directed and starred in. The magic that CAN BE is the whole point of the movie, trust me. There's a reason he's huge in feminist circles as an example of what men can and should be.

    Lust can be wonderful, blow your socks off, and give you bigger thrills than anything else. But lust combined with love, that intimate connection, will blow the top of your head off and make you feel like you've left your own body and have joined with the other person(s) in another dimension. If that's not magic, I don't know what is. Thanks for such a thoughtful exposition.


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