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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Do you know what today is? It's Sexy Snippets Day! Time to share the hottest mini-excerpts you can find from your published work. 

The ERWA blog is not primarily intended for author promotion. However, we've decided we should give our author/members an occasional opportunity to expose themselves (so to speak) to the reading public. Hence, we have declared the 19th of every month at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association blog Sexy Snippet Day.

On Sexy Snippet day, any author can post a tiny excerpt (200 words or less) in a comment on the day's post. Include the title from with the snippet was extracted, your name or pseudonym, and one buy link, if you'd like.

Please post excerpts only from published work (or work that is free for download), not works in progress. The goal, after all, is to titillate your readers and seduce them into buying your books!

Feel free to share this with erotic author friends. It's an open invitation!

Of course I expect you to follow the rules. If your excerpt is more than 200 words or includes more than one link, I'll remove your comment and prohibit you from participating in further Sexy Snippet days. I'll say no more!

After you've posted your snippet, feel free to share the post as a whole to Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you think your readers hang out.

Have fun!

~ Lisabet


  1. How long did they dance? Em didn’t know. As the fire burned lower, the three moved closer, joining hands around the scarlet embers. Their circles grew slower, smaller and more intimate, until finally they collapsed upon the grass, a tangle of bare limbs and kisses.

    Marguerite’s mouth slipped away from Emmeline’s. Beryl’s replaced it. Em found herself cradled and caressed, sandwiched between two layers of smooth, fire-warmed flesh. “Thank you,” she half-moaned, as someone’s fingers slipped into her wet cleft. “I never knew...” A thumb rocked her straining clit and she saw stars. Someone explored her rear hole, stealing juices from her overflowing pussy to ease the way. “Oh... Beryl... Marguerite...please...”

    Pleasure built upon pleasure, until her entire being quivered with need. Her clit felt near to bursting. She craved fullness, friction, even pain. But she knew better now than to strive for release. She let them have their way with her, let them teach her what her body wanted and how well they could give that to her.

    “There’s one more stage to the ritual, little one.” Beryl’s voice, hot against her ear, was edged with authority. “You must surrender fully to us. Then we will be complete.”

    199 words from The Witches of Gloucester

    1. Lisabet;
      you have such a fine vocabulary for getting both the action and feeling of sex.

  2. The silky weight of her breasts found a home against me, shaping themselves to my bones. Her mouth on my skin was ecstasy. Her hands, soft and warm, were so big against mine. I’d fucked guys who were smaller than she was. Not one of them touched me the way Serena did. Everywhere her lips met me she left a fresh bloom of want.
    She kissed my belly like it was a destination, not a shortcut. She lured my nipples into her mouth and tugged them from slumber. She took nothing, just uncovered all I had to give.
    When her fingers reached my pussy I moaned my desire across her tongue. I clawed my little hands into her shoulders as she coaxed my thighs apart without touching them. She held my breath as I sighed into her mouth.
    Her fingers inside me felt so natural. A connection, not an invasion. A cocktail of the two of us. I was shared, not conquered. She got rough without abrasion. Her hardest was still soft, her strongest still yielding. Gliding, not stabbing. Squeezing, not choking.
    Finding. Not stealing.

    185 words from "Her Majesty".

    1. Nice tight takeaway, utilizing satisfying turns of phrase.

    2. Thank you, guys. I have Lisabet to thank for her fine editing work on that story, too.

  3. His whispered voice puffed against my ear as he spoke. “Yes, Antonia, I think you have been a very naughty girl. And do you know what naughty little girls get?”
    I couldn’t hold back the moan of need. It was like he had read my diary. Words that I had penned so long ago leapt from the page and out of his mouth.
    “Answer me, Antonia. What do naughty girls get?”
    I wanted to scream my answer to the ceiling, but the response was little more than a sigh. “Spankings, daddy.”
    My legs wobbled as he sank his teeth into my ear. The sharp sting caused me to shiver and whimper. Not in pain, but with need.

    117 words from "A Present from my STEP"

  4. G. Ogan April 19, 2015 at 6:30 AM

    I found myself flat on my back on the table this time with Maggie straddling me; controlling how and when she planned on taking my essence. She was having fun, bringing me close and then backing down. I think she was showing Evy how to drive me out of my mind when it was her turn. Maggie finally looked down on my quivering body and moved forward, stepping over and off the table putting her hand up in the air, which Evy slapped in the style of a wrestling tag team match. Evy flew up on the table like Maggie had straddled me. Since there had been no foreplay with her she took a while to be able to take me in. If anything, it heightened my level of punishment not wanting to hurt her and thus not being able to find completion. But she started to warm up and allow a little penetration, then greater still, as she got more into the process. In a few more minutes, she was in full passion, and I was feeling my passion peaking as well. She controlled the joining like she had more experience than she had,

    195 words from "Immortal Relations"

  5. Jake’s hands were on her thighs, his fingers gently parting her folds so his tongue could delve deeper. He lightly flicked her clit again and heard her groan, her hips moving forward seeking to drive herself upon his face. He laughed and moved away, and she gave a frustrated moan.
    “Tell me what you want, Evie.”
    She knew the game well enough now. “Lick me, Jake,” she begged. “I want to feel your tongue hot inside me.”
    “Why do you want me to lick you, angel?” he demanded.
    “Oh God, I want to come,” she whimpered. “I want you to lick me and suck me until I come.”
    As she spoke, Jake felt exultant, his already hard cock twitching. He stuck his head out from under her skirt and saw Ash was devouring her neck, his hands kneading her breasts which he had half pulled out from her bodice. Evie lay back in his arms, her head fallen to one side to expose her white throat to his fierce kisses, her hand on the back of his head urging him on. Her loose hair fell about her in a golden halo, and she looked wild and sexy, and completely abandoned.

    200 words from The Winter Trail

  6. After a couple of days, Ian felt quite like himself again and was back to working out and rehearsing with his usual vigor.

    Wednesday night Maxim received a text from Ian before he left the theater.

    Be home soon. Meet me in bed.

    Maxim couldn’t keep from smiling. That was more like the Ian he knew.

    He showered and climbed into bed wearing nothing but boxers. When he heard Ian’s footsteps in the hall, he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

    He cracked his eyes open the slightest bit to watch Ian undress. He disappeared into the bathroom and Maxim heard the shower running. When Ian climbed naked into bed, Maxim reached for him and kissed his neck.

    “I knew you were pretending to be asleep,” Ian said, playfully nuzzling Maxim’s shoulder.

    “Did you?”

    “You were smiling.”

    “I was?”

    Ian nodded before kissing Maxim passionately.

    147- words from Accursed by Saloni Quinby

  7. Corynn was surprised at how quickly, and how intensely, she was becoming aroused on the uncomfortable altar. It was one of the few places she had never visited in her sexual fantasies, but she was turned on by the sheer iconoclasm of being naked on top of the very footstool of Holy Tyrnas. She shivered violently from the chill air and the intense, thrilling warmth rising in her body, then cradled both her breasts in her left arm and lightly touched her clit with the fingers of her right hand.

    Corynn no longer minded the bite of the cold, unyielding stone as she stroked her wetness from inside her moistening slit up to her hooded clit and rubbed it in small, deliberate circles. She brought herself to the edge of a breathless orgasm when the temple’s oaken door cracked open, revealing a woman’s silhouette against the moonlit night.
    “Corynn!” Tana said. “You’re really doing this?”

    The red-haired woman licked her fingers and sat up on the altar. “Of course I am. Where is Jaquaras?”

    175 words, “Pact with the Fey”

  8. Rocky lay amidst the ravaged sheets, imagining hir claws against Frankie’s throat, watching her eyes darken with fear twined round desire. Ze could taste how much Frankie loved the sharpness on her flesh. Rocky had the boy exactly where ze wanted her, the edges of hir claws against the sides of Frankie’s throat, controlling her breath, the metallic odor of adrenaline wafting off her skin.

    Frankie stayed prey-still for hir, even though she was anything but prey. She was choosing to pour her relentless strength into her submission, and that meant controlled, grounded stillness, even amidst the fear. Everything in her gaze said she trusted Rocky, that this was exactly what she wanted, and she was a powerhouse of support if Rocky needed it. It was steadying, made it possible for them both to savor Frankie’s fear together.

    Rocky gripped Frankie’s throat tighter, upping the ante, raising fear in waves for both of them to ride, tasting the meat of it, feeding on its power, thrusting it into hir boy. Ze would claim her just as much with fear as with teeth and pain and sex.

    186 words from "A Wolf's Yearning"


  9. “Now I know you're feeling better.” I moved over to the dresser, re-arranged the bottles of medicine, and tossed some trash into the wastebasket.
    “Why so nervous?” He stood behind me and buried his face in my neck.
    “Jake, no.” I swiveled so we were face to face. “Friends, Jake, just friends.”
    “You keep telling yourself that, and maybe you'll believe it,” he said, reaching up to stroke my cheek.
    I tried pushing him away again, but he stood his ground. “I'm stronger than you,” he grinned.
    Yeah, but I'd learned a few moves recently that he might not be expecting. Still, I didn't want to hurt him. There was a better way to get him off balance.
    I ran my fingers down his chest and purred. “Such nice muscles too.” Clearly, he hadn't been expected that, and his body tensed. I moved my hands further down, and he leaned his body into my light touch.
    “Whoa,” he gasped. “What are you up to?”

    164 words "Her Ladyship's Ring"

  10. “I love it when you call me Annie.”

    “Oh fuck, baby. Sorry… did I do it again? Call you her?

    “It’s ok, really. I know how you loved her.”

    “But making love… Who would call out someone else’s name? I’m sorry, Sheila. After all these years, you’d think…”

    “She was your first. First lover.”

    “Yeah, but we were together such a short…“

    “Never mind, honey. When we first married, I didn’t know if I could ever replace her. Didn’t know if I’d ever compare. Now, if you confuse what we have with a love that deep, that’s ok.”

    “She was just gone. So sudden. Never even thought about death in those days... But we, us… we’re so much more than I was with her.”

    “You two didn’t have time to develop. Before… gosh, so young.”

    “I don’t think she’d ever come close to you, now that I know who we are. She was so squeamish about sex, for one thing. Lots of things she wouldn’t do. With her strict background, I don’t think she’d ever get as far as we have.”

    “Shhh. Get the lube. I’ll turn over.”


    “Call me Annie.”

    From my upcoming "The Gonzo Collection" release date April 24

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Ghaaaah! Forgot to say that "Gonzo" was edited by Lisabet Sarai, and coming out through Excessica. ARC's available for reviewers:

  13. I stood braced against the bed’s edge and bore her weight while she clamped her thighs around my hips and her cunt around my pride, locked her hands behind my neck, and rode me with fierce, pounding joy. I dug my fingers into her asscheeks to add to the driving force of her lunges.

    Small naked breasts slapped against mine on each stroke. When I caught one succulent nipple in my mouth her cries rose to a shriller pitch, but then she jerked away to get more leverage for each thrust.

    My body ached with strain and arousal and the friction of the harness. My mind was a blur of fantasies. "We’re whirling in the arena, my skates carving spirals into the ice, her dark hair lifting in the wind..."

    “Spin me!” Suli suddenly arched into layback position, arms no longer gripping me but raised into a pleading curve. Adrenaline, muscles, willpower; none of it was enough now. Only speed could keep us balanced. I stepped back from the bed and spun in place, swinging her in one wide circle, then another, tension hammering through my clit hard enough to counter the burn of the leather gouging my flesh.

    199 words, from "The Outside Edge" in my collection A Ride to Remember from Lethe Press.

  14. Stroking himself, he slowly eased closer, then placed his hands at my waist, the blaze in his eyes burning bright. “I need inside you. Arms around my neck.” I did what he said. “Hold on.” He moved his hands to my ass, covered my mouth with his, and hoisted me up and into place against the door.

    With urgent need, Matthew positioned himself at my entrance, flicked it about, rubbed me moist with his tip, and tilted his hips forward, sliding with ease into the hollow that was waiting for him. I cried out as he took me, filling my sex from tip to root until every bit of him was inside. He paused and rested his forehead against mine, our breathing fast and hard, his hands almost painfully squeezing my ass, my breasts swelling beneath his breath.

    “Jess, I need you.” He pulled back and looked at me, his eyes beyond wild and intense, and slowly began resuming his thrusts. “I need us.”

    With contact at our mouth and below, he moved long and slow, expertly measured, and then quickened to a punishing and heated cadence, pushing in and pulling out—on Matthew time.

    195 words from SEEKING LOVE, book 1 of the Emerging From Darkness trilogy by J.M. Maurer

    Amazon US:

  15. "I don't know if this is such a good idea, Mitzi," I said, trapped under the sink where we had been working.
    "It's a very good idea," said Mitzi, her voice oozing lust as she loosened my belt.
    "But what if one of your guests comes soon?"
    Her tug on my zipper echoed inside the cabinet.
    "The only one who will be coming soon is you," she said in a sultry voice.
    She took my cock into her soft mouth. I held on to the drain pipes for dear life.
    Mitzi Callahan had me wrapped around her finger only an hour before she had her lips wrapped around my cock. It all started at a big box store on a Friday afternoon. I had shut off my phone an hour before, anxious to get a good workout and a nap before heading out clubbing. Work was the last thing I wanted any more of on a Friday. I stopped at the store for a few replacement supplies.

    168 Words from "Tricks of the Trade" by Spencer Dryden

    1. Sounds like McGuyver getting his freak on!

  16. 200 words from an excerpt of Velvet Purrs In Paradise. This is part of a longer excerpt contained in Beyond 50: An Erotic Sampler eBook available for free on

    Jim spent agonizing minutes running his fingers over my body. As he skated along, he pulled the ribbons at my back and neck. My top sailed to the floor. When he dropped his hands lower, he plucked the ribbons at my hips and tugged the G-string from between my thighs. I hadn’t planned on getting completely naked, and the shock had me hyperventilating. I covered myself to hide my vital parts and my excess weight. My Dom took control, speaking in calming tones and gripping my wrists.

    “Look around you, sub. There isn’t anyone here who will judge you. This is what you asked for. Let yourself go.” I can do this. I finally caught my breath and gave in as Jim pulled on my wrists, drawing my hands away. I watched the emotion dancing in his eyes. He looked like he was unveiling a marble statue or work of art. A cloud of butterflies fluttered in my heart. Things were not going according to plan, but I was glad to have my exposure over all at once. I was also oddly relieved to not have made the choice myself. I was getting a feel for the appeal of submission.

  17. This is from All I'll Ever Need. Edward's first nervous visit to a gay club in L.A.
    Edward took time to admire Alex’s tall frame from behind and get an eyeful of the round contours of his muscular butt. The awkward moment with Herbie was forgotten they joined the gyrating throng on the floor. Alex placed his hands lightly on Edward’s hips and started to move expertly to the solid beat. Oh yeah… He followed Alex’s lead, matching the man’s sensuous moves. They shared a smile then Alex pulled him closer and leaned in to brush his lips lightly over Edward’s.
    He felt a definite stirring in his groin from Alex’s featherlight touch and the thought of protesting as he had with Herbie didn’t even cross his mind. Instead, he pushed forward a little, inviting more than just a touch, parting his lips slightly. He breathed out an involuntary gasp when Alex slid the tip of his tongue over his lower lip. The thrill of it sent a jolt of desire straight to Edward’s cock. Wanting to prolong the sensation of Alex’s mouth on his, he reached up to cup the nape of Alex’s neck, holding him in place as their tongues tangled and the kiss morphed from one of mere fleeting pleasure to mind melting ecstasy.

  18. Sorry. Not sure what happened with my link. If it doesn't work when you click on Amazon, you can go to Thanks! Lots of great authors there, including our own Lisabet Sarai, K.D. Grace and Lucy Felthouse.

  19. From "The Arcology Job" by Angelia Sparrow and Gabriel Belthir in _Somewhere Out There_, an SF romance collection.

    He turned and straddled Hevik, pressing himself against his fiancé’s chest and letting him hear the pounding of his heart. “It won’t slow down. It needs a new pattern.”

    Hevik stroked his hair and down his back. “Shh. I’ll give it one. You just breathe.” His hands moved slowly, gently over Miho, stroking in a steady pattern more akin to a normal heart rate.

    Miho smiled a little, ruefully. “The suit has an adrenal pump.” He ran his fingers down the seams and started to shuck himself out of it, revealing the red spots where the neural contacts went and the abrasions from the damage the suit had taken.

    Hevik leaned off the bunk for the medkit they kept in their quarters. “Let me patch those up, kiddo.”

    Miho took one of Hevik’s hands in his own and leaned in to kiss him with a gentle desperation.

    Hevik held him, kissed him, and looked puzzled at the end of it. “What was that all about?”

    Miho shook his head and kissed his way up Hevik’s jaw, rubbing his cheek against the stubble there. “Do I need a reason? I want you.”

    Buy Link:!product/prd1/3495205211/somewhere-out-there

  20. From A Tale of Two Hotties:

    “Don’t be shy, babe,” Jon said in a gentle tone. Then he tilted my head upward to face him and looked me in the eye. “Come here.”
    He laid a slow, sexy kiss on me right in front of Clark.
    “Oh damn. Maybe I should get my video camera right now,” Clark joked.
    “Let’s watch this one first,” Jon said.
    The file was right on the desktop. Clark had labeled it ‘Mistress Sexy’. He pressed Play.
    There I was, smiling at the three of us, looking like a sex kitten. Jon entered my mouth with his cock. My eyes rolled back in my head. I didn’t know that’s what I looked like. I put my head down. It was embarrassing, in a way, to see the evidence of just how into it I was. It really challenged my view of myself as the good girl I wanted to be—or at least the girl I pretended to be most of the time.

  21. So many great snippets this month. It's like a writing clinic.

    1. I'm with you, Spencer. I'm learning quite a bit from you guys! This is a really good resource for newbies like me--Thank you to everyone who offers their wisdom here.

  22. The men waited by the wall and, after a moment, a large round wheel rolled out in front of them. They quickly rolled it back to where the two women stood, bringing it to a stop directly behind where Beverly stood.

    Melissa knelt down and secured Beverly's left ankle to a leather strap near the bottom of the wooden wheel. Beverly spread her legs as Melissa bound her right ankle.

    The two men bound Beverly's hands above her head.

    Once Beverly was bound solidly, the two men moved the board upon which she was bound, adjusting it so that it was parallel to the floor. Had her eyes been able to focus on anything specific within the room, she would have been looking at the ceiling.

    Melissa stepped forward and began to lick Beverly's pussy. The sensation of Melissa's tongue and lips probing and exploring every fold and ridge of her flesh, made Beverly let out a low moan that vibrated through her gag, even in her subconscious state.

    Melissa probed Beverly's body more deeply. In response, Beverly arched her back, her body reacting to the stimuli she was receiving as she got wetter and wetter under Melissa's knowing tongue.

    200 words from To Sleep Perchance to Cream by Joe Mudak

  23. Hannah walks away from the camera toward the bed. Keeping her back to her husband she climbs up and pulls the pillows down from the headboard to the middle. She arranges them into a small pile and then, with that same grin tossed over her shoulder, she turns to face the camera and spreads her legs.
    For a minute it is hard for Sebastian to breathe. His wife is laid bare before him and what small details the camera can’t show him, his memory and imagination fill in. How soft and smooth her inner thighs always felt against his cheek. The beautiful, slick outer lips of her pussy surrounded by a soft tuft of copper colored hair. Her clit hidden away deep in the shadows. A touchstone which could connect him to every inch of the woman he loved.
    Hannah lets out a long breath and then closes her eyes. With two fingers of her right hand she spreads her outer lips, exposing her flushed, delicate inner lips. She gives her husband an unobstructed view as she brings the middle finger of her left hand down through the slick groove of her pussy.

    193 words from "Absence on Film" by Henry Corrigan

  24. "Take your clothes off and leave them here on the tiles," I tell her. I reach for a folded towel in the hall closet, and hold it as I watch her silently remove her T-shirt and denim cutoffs, then shrug out of her wet bra and pull down her underpants. Naked above the ankles, she awkwardly bends over to unlace her jogging shoes.
    "Turn around to do that," I tell her.
    Her face turns redder under her clinging hair. "Yes, Dr. Chalkdust," she squeaks quietly.
    Presenting her firm young bottom to me, she tries to untie her shoelaces as quickly as possible, but I pull out the butt-plug I've been keeping in a pocket, and slip it into her before she has finished loosening the first shoe. I can hear her breathing quicken but she knows better than to protest or to pause. I twist the plug experimentally as she raises one foot to remove her shoe. I know that her movement unavoidably changes the angle of her anus in relation to the plug. I can't help smiling as she repeats the action with her other foot.

    187 words from "Tears from Heaven" in She Who Must Be Obeyed: Femme Dominant Lesbian Erotica, edited by D.L. King (Lethe Press).

  25. Smiling, Melissa put down the letter and began to open the second box. Inside, she found a black dress amongst other things. Upon closer examination, she found a maid’s uniform. Grinning widely at Brett’s choice of outfit she pulled out the uniform, undergarments, stockings, and heels. She brought everything back to her room to try on. First, she put on the dark pink panties, sliding them up her legs to a snug fit. Brett loved to buy her underwear, leaving her gifts in different parts of their home every so often. Next, she put on the matching bra, which hugged her impressive bust very snuggly.

    Melissa stepped in front of the mirror and looked at herself. In the time they had been dating, she had finally started to really deal with many of the body issues she had gained growing up through adolescence and early adulthood. She was always the fat girl, never taken seriously by anyone. However, when Brett described her, he used words like beautiful, voluptuous, and sexy. She looked herself over and for the first time, in a very long time, really liked what she saw.

    189 words from Anal Princesses

  26. Snippet from Temptation Natalie's Edge 1 from Extasy Books
    by R.B. O'Brien

    I sat still, trying to control my breathing. I positioned my hand in his lap as he had requested and sipped my Pinot with the other. He didn’t touch me and the movie began. I could feel my heartbeat racing, nerves taking over my body. I took another long sip. He continued to sit next to me, not touching me at all. I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs, trying to quell the throb that was building between my legs, moisture becoming slick between my thighs. I was dying for him to touch me.
    “Stay still, Natalie,” he warned. I could sense his smile. “I know you want me to touch you. You are so obvious. But you arrived still wearing your panties. For that you will wait.”
    I just whined a little in response. The movie was intensifying, and I grabbed Michael’s upper thigh for support. I was becoming uncomfortable. The movie was building in its intense and frightening rising action.
    “Spread your legs,” he ordered. “And even when you’re done with your drink, continue to hold the cup in your hand.”
    I hesitated. I didn’t want him to see how wet he had already made me…

    198 words
    Link to Buy:

  27. Is it hot in here? Some excellent snippetage. For some reason I can't reply to other folks' posts (I suspect a computer iss-yew at my end), so I'll just comment here and say HOT STUFF!

  28. From Desert Heat by Lucy Felthouse:

    Captain Hugh Wilkes sucked in a deep breath, steeling himself for the heat he was about to be subjected to, though he already knew all the deep breaths in the world wouldn’t help. Darkness had fallen on Camp Bastion, in the notorious Helmand Province of Afghanistan, but there would still be residual warmth left to seep away throughout the small hours. Then the sun would rise, and it would start all over again. It was a damn desert, after all. But, all being well, it would be his last ever tour of the godforsaken place. The British Army was already preparing to pull out. The manpower had been reduced drastically over the previous months. It was time to leave the Afghans to get on with it. They weren’t being abandoned—far from it—they would still receive aid, training and money for years to come. But the British Army was no longer needed, apparently. It was still a volatile place, which would no doubt be monitored very closely, in case strategies needed to be reconsidered.
    None of that was down to Wilkes, though.


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