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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Call for Submissions: Silence is Golden (BDSM Erotica)

Silence is Golden
To be published by Sexy Little Pages
Deadline: April 22, 2016

If someone is unable to speak, how do they communicate with their partner? If a sub or Dom can't hear well in crowds but loves to play at parties, what mechanisms are in place to ensure everyone stays safe?

Not just gags and sensory deprivation! We're looking for contemporary kink-inspired tales encompassing a range of diverse characters and intense, sexy storylines about communication, that make us squirm in our seat. Tell us about every body, not just white, cis and able. Make your stories hot with your characters reflecting real people across the spectrum of size, colour, gender and ability.

Deadline 22nd April 2016. Word count 4000-6000. New writers welcome.

Please read our full guidelines at for how to submit your story (and a few things we are and aren't looking for!)

Questions? EMail: 

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