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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Writing Exercise - Humorous Verse

By Ashley Lister

Betty & I
We went to one of those swingers’ parties,
Me and my blow-up doll: Betty.
She wanted to add a new kink to our lives.
I just went there to get sweaty.

Our relationship was at a low point.
And it had been that way for a bit.
But I still tried to treat her with flowers or clothes.

Or a bicycle puncture repair kit.

I like humour in poetry. Yes, poetry can lend itself to a great level of seriousness, but there is something about rhythm and a cleverness with words that makes me want to do something that will make an audience laugh.

Yet for months my Betty had been silent.
And our love life had skidded off track.
I didn’t know if Betty had stopped loving me.
Or was just missing the string from her back.

I pumped her up full before leaving.
She looked as good as it claimed on her box.
I adorned her in lingerie, perfumes and makeup.
And then I put on some clean socks.

Humour is relatively simple to do, and impossibly difficult to explain. Go for the unexpected. Use the surreal. Surprise your reader. Do something clever with words. Or simply describe the real world and allow your reader to see the humour that is there waiting to be discovered. 

We looked perfectly suited together
We each were the cream of the crop
But that didn’t stop people from laughing
As we waited beside the bus stop.

I should really have waited to inflate her
Onlookers can say horrid stuff
But we were both going off to a sex party

And I didn’t want to arrive out of puff.

This isn't the complete poem. This is just the first half of it and I'm sure there are versions floating around the internet. I've put this one up here this month just to illustrate the point that even the silliest situation can be used to make an amusing verse.

And the exercise for this month is simple: write a couple of verses of humorous poetry. As always, I look forward to seeing your poems in the comments box below.


  1. Anal erotic love song (sung to the tune of an old jazz standard ):

    Now, I don't care what the preacher man says
    When the preacher man says I'm sinning
    You'll never hear me repenting, I'm certain my soul is fine.
    I only care where my wiener points,
    When my wiener points all lewdly,
    It's gotta be all fun to me, when I'm six and you are nine.

    Jooper, crooper, where'd you get that pooper?
    Jooper, crooper, where'd you get that brown eye?
    Gosh, y'got me up; now I've got you greased up.
    Push and ream in--how'd you get so wide?

    Golly gee, when you show your bottom off,
    Ho is me, got to put a condom on.

    Jooper, Crooper, where'd you get that pooper?
    Oh, that winker, how I want to ride.

    Jooper, Crooper, where'd you get that pooper?
    Oh, that blinker, how I want inside.
    Where did ya get it?
    I wanna stroke and pet it.
    Where'd you get that brown eye?

  2. Love the rhythm on this piece. Clever wordplay :-)



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