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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Spring Has Sprung

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It's finally feeling like spring. The weather here on the northeast Massachusetts coast has been cooler than average for this time of year. It's also rather wet. I like the cool temps, though. Now that the leaves are sprouting and the forsythia has finished blooming, it's time for me to get into my warmer weather routine after being cooped up in the apartment the entire winter.

I look forward to spring every year. That's the time for me to replenish myself and to assess my progress in life. I've begun my beach walks again, complete with a stop at the beach ice cream shop. The shop has been open for about two weeks. I like to run plots and characterizations through my head as I walk in the waves. The very, very cold waves. LOL The ocean up here is far too cold for me to swim in even during the dog days of August. My husband and I are talking about moving to Hawaii when he retires in a little over three years. We can swim in that water. Pacific, here we come!

I believe writers need a safe space where they can listen to the quiet inside and work out their stories. The beach provides that solace for me. I worked out a horror story in my head over this past weekend, and I finished the first draft Monday morning. It's one of those stories where the movie version kept getting in the way of my imagination. I finally got past that. Think outside the box, as my husband says. I'd go today but there isn't enough time. Until Wednesday.

I also relax by gardening, which I'm into full swing now. Spring brings forth the herbs and veggies I like to grow that won't survive in the apartment over the winter. I'm growing tomatoes from seeds for the first time. If you write to University of Florida and donate $10, the horticulture department will send you tomato seeds. This department is developing tomatoes that actually taste delicious. Most mass-grown tomatoes you buy in the supermarket are so bland they'd might as well not have any taste at all. The two tomato strains I bought are Garden Gem and Garden Treasure. The seeds have already sprouted and are doing well. I bought more seeds in the hope they'll take and I can plant them in pots. I bought more tomato seeds (Roma and Best Boy), chamomile, and cilantro. They're planted but the seeds haven't sprouted yet. I also buy starter plants. This year I picked up sage, rosemary, oregano, and three varieties of thyme – lemon, orange, and English. Then there are the pineapple sage, tarragon, and marjoram. My jalapeƱo peppers from last year survived and they're just starting to flower. The peppers grow from the flowers. My bay plant needs to be transplanted since it's root bound and it's complaining. I have a huge plastic pot for it. My tiny avocado I grew from the pit three years ago is now almost five feet tall. That one is adjusting to a new pot and the great outdoors. Here are pictures of my herb garden, which I keep in pots since I can't plant them in the ground.

Getting outside myself and away from the computer only makes my writing flow easier. I need time away from writing so that I may continue to write. It's easier for me to do this in the spring, summer, and fall since there are so many opportunities out there for exploration and enjoyment. I don't get that sort of thing during the winter. It's too easy to hole up up here, and I'm reclusive by nature.  It also doesn’t help that I took on far too many projects recently, and I need to finish them before the end of the month. Hopefully by the time this article posts, I'll be mostly finished. One can hope. By getting away, I come full circle to meet my muse and the words flow. I need that.


  1. Growing a garden makes such a nice metaphor for growing stories from idea-seeds. :) There has also been an early spring (for here) where I live, far from any ocean, on the Canadian prairie. My front lawn, which was neglected for a year for various reasons, sprouted a fine crop of dandelions, and I waged war against them. Then I planted grass seed. I just hope to grow and maintain a decent-looking front lawn this summer, so that my property doesn't look neglected. I often wonder why weeds are so hardy while planted stuff needs so much time and love. :)

  2. We had dandelion problems, too, but I just grabbed the leaves and ate them. You're supposed to harvest the leaves before the blooms flower because if you don't the leaves become very bitter, but I like that bitter taste. I know you can use the roots to make tea and wine but I've never done that. I hope you end up with a nice lawn. The managers at the apartment complex finally mowed the lawn. It hadn't been mowed since last year, and honestly, it was so overgrown the place looked deserted. Like a haunted house. LOL It's nice outside now. I also am almost ready to transplant the tomatoes. They're just about ready. I do like the planting-as-metaphor, too.

  3. Spring is precious in New England,as I know from experience. Sounds like you're making the most of it.

  4. I love spring in New England, Lisabet. My herbs are doing great. Bought some more, too. ;) We're going to have some kick-ass tomatoes.


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