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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sexy Snippets for June

Happy Summer! It's time to turn up the heat with another round of Sexy Snippets!

The ERWA blog is not primarily intended for author promotion. However, we've decided we should give our author/members an occasional opportunity to expose themselves (so to speak) to the reading public. Hence, we have declared the 19th of every month at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association blog Sexy Snippet Day.

On Sexy Snippet day, any author can post a tiny excerpt (200 words or less) in a comment on the day's post. Include the title from with the snippet was extracted, your name or pseudonym, and one buy link.

Please post excerpts only from published work (or work that is free for download), not works in progress. The goal, after all, is to titillate your readers and seduce them into buying your books!

Feel free to share this with erotic author friends. It's an open invitation!

Of course I expect you to follow the rules. One snippet per author, please. If your excerpt is more than 200 words or includes more than one link, I'll remove your comment and prohibit you from participating in further Sexy Snippet days. I'll say no more!

After you've posted your snippet, feel free to share the post as a whole to Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you think your readers hang out.


~ Lisabet


  1. Snippet from "Knights Errant", the first in a series of erotic romance novellas called "Merely Players".

    Becky's body almost convulsed as her climax hit her. Her whole back arched off the mattress, her legs clamped against me, and she let out a series of gasping moans. Her inner muscles pulsed against my fingers like a soft wave, strongly enough to push them out a little. Weaker pulses followed as she writhed and twisted on the bed.

    Then she relaxed completely and let out a long, very happy sigh. "Scrape me off the bed when we're ready to go. I don't think I can move."

    I moved and supported my weight on my hands on either side of Becky's head. She looked up at me with what seemed like a mixture of nerves and excitement.

    "Can't move, eh?" I murmured. "As in at my mercy? Nothing you can do to stop me teasing you?"

    She swallowed. "Probably not, sir."

    I leaned closer, pressing the tip of my cock against her wet and open pussy lips. "Do you trust me, Becky?"

    She nodded, her eyes wide.

    Knights Errant, by Ian D Smith, published by Fireborn

  2. If I were an artist, could I post a sample here of my fan art for a story? Thank you -Annabelle B.

  3. From Highland Hearts - paranormal m/m

    “I dinna’ think we’ll be interrupted this time by slammin’ doors or any other disturbances,” he said, his deep voice low with an added huskiness.

    “Good.” Callum cupped the back of Craig’s head and kissed him, gently at first. He explored Craig’s warm lips for a few seconds before probing with the tip of his tongue between them as they parted for him. Their breath mingled and mutual sighs escaped them.

    There was a momentary clumsy clash of teeth when they opened to each other, then the kiss became one of hungry pleasure. Craig steered him backward until they toppled onto the bed. He crawled over Callum, lying between his legs and grinding their crotches together.

    They kissed and dry humped for a while until Craig muttered, “D’ye think we could get rid o’ some of these clothes?”

    “Thought you’d never mention it.” Callum tugged at Craig’s shirt buttons but then they found it easier to tackle their own and they were down to their briefs in no time.

    “Those as well. I want tae see that fine arse of yours laid bare.”

    Callum complied, and Craig gave out a happy sound when he got an eyeful of both Callum’s ‘fine arse’ and burgeoning erection. “Man, that’s a thing of beauty,” he said, lowering himself over it, then raking his tongue over the head.

  4. From "Sex Crazed Sorority Girls" by Devin Brees

    “That skirt is too short to wear on campus, it’s a distraction from the purpose of this institution,” he said pulling off his pants and taking his place behind me.

    He lifted my tiny skirt and praised my firm bottom adorned in a thin, frilly pair of undies.

    “I’m sorry, Dean Randall. I don't mean to be a distraction—”

    “Well you are,” he said impudently, pulling the thin panties down to their familiar spot around my knees. He groped my exposed butt, and he pressed his raging member against my creamy slit, rubbing me with his enraged cockhead.

    I was happy when his giant cockhead cleaved into my hot pussy, filling me with the shameless pleasure of his manhood. I reached behind me and eagerly unhooked my bra, unshackling my huge melons while he relentlessly stroked in and out of my wetness.

    He really knew how to fuck, too, not like those college boys who just slam you a few times and then come. Dean Randall beat his strong hips against my ass while driving his long member into my pliant hole at a variety of angles. My heavy orbs swung wildly and my pert bullets grazed his desk.

  5. Excerpt from Love the Sinner by Kenn Dahll:

    That night both students toss and turn in bed, unable to sleep as they replay the incident in their minds. DeWayne reminisces about how warm Brad’s hands felt on his thigh and how exciting the brief brushes of his pouch were. He reprimands himself over not being able to control his penis and having it get visibly harder coming out of the therapy tank. Remembering Peter’s reaction leaves him more confused.
    In his dorm room Brad’s dick gets hard thinking of how firm the bulge in his friend’s pouch felt, how warm the crevice between the black buttocks was, and how amazingly large DeWayne’s ebony cock got in the hot tub. He also ponders the Assistant Coach’s strange behavior. Replaying finding the image on his locker door makes him wonder if such an activity were really possible. Certainly it adds depth to the frequent sermons on sodomy.
    Knowing they were sinning both athletes grasp their erections and coax loads of semen from them–the first time either youth has reached orgasm from his own hand while fully awake. Guilt consumes both of them for days but neither one approaches his Spiritual Advisor about it for fear of being expelled.

    Purchase link:

  6. Excerpt from "Under the Sign of the Dragon" in Nights of the Round Table: Arthurian Erotica, edited by Jennifer Levine (Circlet Press, 2015):

    I found the little knot of flesh at the head of my opening, and it was almost unbearably tender. I caressed it until my inner flesh demanded attention, and then I pushed my finger as far into my cleft as it would go. My lower mouth seemed to open within, as though hungry for meat, and so I offered it another finger, and that one was thicker.
    I used my two fingers to push in and out of my secret cave, and my rhythm increased from a walk to a gallop.
    “So that is how you dance a measure,” remarked the King, barely containing his mirth. He lay behind me so as to hold me fast and press his hard cock against my backside. “Allow me,” he said, and replaced my two fingers with one of his own. I grew so excited that he was able to enter me with two of his fingers, although his were altogether different from mine, being larger in every dimension as well as more insistent.


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