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Monday, September 19, 2016

Sexy Snippets for September

Greetings to all erotic authors!

Today's the 19th of the month, and you know what that means, right?  It's Sexy Snippet Day! I hope you've got a really sizzling snippet to share with us today.

The ERWA blog is not primarily intended for author promotion. However, we've decided we should give our author/members an occasional opportunity to expose themselves (so to speak) to the reading public. Hence, we have declared the 19th of every month at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association blog Sexy Snippet Day.

On Sexy Snippet day, any author can post a tiny excerpt (200 words or less) in a comment on the day's post. Include the title from with the snippet was extracted, your name or pseudonym, and one buy link.

Please post excerpts only from published work (or work that is free for download), not works in progress. The goal, after all, is to titillate your readers and seduce them into buying your books!

Feel free to share this with erotic author friends. It's an open invitation!

Of course I expect you to follow the rules. One snippet per author, please. If your excerpt is more than 200 words or includes more than one link, I'll remove your comment and prohibit you from participating in further Sexy Snippet days. I'll say no more!

After you've posted your snippet, feel free to share the post as a whole to Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you think your readers hang out.


~ Lisabet


  1. Harry looked around the gallery, empty save for the three of them, then turned to Michelle’s admirer.
    “You seem to have a fascination for my wife.” He felt Michelle tense up beside him, probably fearing a confrontation.
    The man looked embarrassed. He looked at Michelle, then back at Harry.
    Before the man could answer, Harry spoke again. “Is it because you want to paint her or fuck her?”
    The man’s eyes and mouth both opened wide. “I… I…”
    “Come on, which one is it?” Harry kept his voice friendly, not aggressive.
    “I don’t paint.”
    “Ah, so you want to fuck her.” Harry nodded understandingly.
    “I... Er…” His eyes swept from Harry to Michelle.
    Harry nodded towards the stairwell. “Why don’t you take her in there and get it over with. Then you’ll be able to concentrate on the pictures again.”
    The guy paused.
    “Go on, we all know you want to. I’ll keep watch.”
    Michelle walked towards the stairwell and opened the door. She looked back, first at Harry, then at the guy.
    The guy in the suit walked the few short steps to the door and Michelle let it swing to behind him.

    194 words from 'Operation: Cuckold'
    Amazon US -
    Amazon UK -

  2. “Your tongue is intimately acquainted with my thigh; now it’s time for it to get acquainted with my sex. Nicole stood in front of him and wiggled the fitted dress to her waist. She had a beautiful female frame and her lovely, bare sex glistened, highlighted with a jeweled piercing. She propped her leg on the arm of the chair affording him a better look.
    “Begin with long strokes. I want to see what you’ve got, your capabilities.”
    What I’ve got? My capabilities? I’ll show her a thing or two. With her heel height and his seated position in the chair, mouth to pussy contact was flawless. Her wet, bare skin on his tongue tantalized. The sound of his teeth on her piercing enticed him. He held her ass, and his head nodded with each stroke.
    “Suck on the outer lip and then pull it in your mouth.” He moved across her like he played harmonica and she wailed. His cock knocked hard on his zipper.
    “Oh, you are good. Attend to my inner lips that way.”
    He hummed knowing the vibration would reach her clit.

    186 words Topping You in the Anthology Women On Top

  3. “You realize, Catalina, how crazy that sounds?” I looked at her in disbelief, her face on the road her attention diverted. Up until now our baby talk involved considerations about known versus unknown donors with a little laugh at the reality that going out with someone would be so much cheaper.

    “Not really. I’m sure we wouldn’t be the first or the last to try.”

    We settled into an introspective silence as she drove and I watched the rows of houses and stores fly by. The scenery shifted from a blur of color to distinct buildings and back again as traffic accelerated and slowed. While there were so many things that could go wrong with this situation, it seemed fun enough and really non-committal. What would an ad do? Give us more options? See what was out there? Perhaps this was the way to go—a baby born out of passion instead of a turkey baster with a sperm pop.

    It had been a long time since I slept with a man. I’d sworn them off as relationship material after a particularly bad experience.

    184 words from How About A Threesome Copyright ©2015 Ginger Segreti. All rights, including electronic,
    reserved by the author. Do not reproduce in any form without the author’s express permission.

    Amazon US -

  4. Her taste hadn’t changed, not in seven years. It was still the freshest, purest, most intoxicating flavor known to man. He lapped at her delicate skin while his middle finger pressed deep into her slit. Her feet came off the handlebars which opened her even more for his questing mouth and probing finger. He closed his lips over her clit, worrying it slightly with his teeth.

    And she exploded.


    It took all his self-control not to come in his jeans. He loved the sound of her strangle cries. Loved how her hips bucked and her intimate muscles fucked his finger. Loved the taste her succulent juices on his tongue.

    But he wasn’t satisfied. Not by a long shot.

    He sucked her clit into his mouth and tunneled a second finger into her slick channel. He twisted his digits high and hard, grazing her g-spot to prolong her orgasm. To wring out every last ounce of her pleasure.

    She shuddered and quaked, and pure male pride streaked through him. Even after seven years, he knew her body so well. Knew how to give her this kind of pleasure. The ultimate pleasure between a man and a woman.

    197 words from On a Knife's Edge
    Amazon US -

  5. I removed his towel and spread it over the chair so that the straps would not cut into his skin then, as we kissed passionately, I lowered him onto his back, removing his suit in the maneuver. I lay full length on him adjusting myself so that our cocks were rubbing against each other and resumed my tongue-in-mouth action. He responded and soon our tongues were fighting a classic duel for dominance of the other’s oral cavity, our cocks were lubricating each other with precum, and our torsos were slippery with sweat. I broke the kiss first and then licked my way down his neck and chest, stopping to sample each of his lovely chocolate-kiss nipples. By this time his throbbing prick was slobbering into his navel. I covered his seven inches of lead-pipe hard cock with my mouth, bending my head sideways to accommodate its curve and thereby demonstrating the fine art of deep throating as done by a pro. Even in hog heaven, I could feel him groping my stiff eight inches and using the natural lube to jerk it like there was no tomorrow.

    187 words from Hot Tub Tango by Kenn Dahll:

  6. She yanked me to a stop, then swung me around to face her. One arm encircled my waist and dragged me into a tight embrace, compressing my full breasts against her smaller ones and striking sparks from my nipples. With her other hand, she fisted my hair and pulled my mouth to hers.

    We went from zero to sixty in seconds. She forced her tongue between my lips, savage and hungry. I let her take me, drinking in the mingled flavors of smokes, beer, and mint toothpaste. Meanwhile, she grabbed my ass and ground her crotch against mine. Fierce bolts of pleasure shot through the heaviness roiling in my cunt.

    I clawed at her shirt, desperate for her skin. She released me long enough to peel off the garment and toss it aside. She’d never worn a bra as a teenager; she hadn’t changed. The girlish swellings still featured coffee-colored areolae the size of silver dollars. I dove for her sweet nipples, sucking hard the way she liked. If you had asked me what turned Haley on, I might not have been able to tell you, but my body remembered how to make her moan.

    195 words from "The Late Show" by Lisabet Sarai
    In Hope for Pulse: Hate Will Never Win, a charity anthology benefiting the survivors of the Pulse shooting.

  7. I straddled his body, settling my pubis over his stiff shaft lengthwise, his hard cock tucked between my slippery labia. I slid along his belly, not letting his tip near my opening, trying hard to make contact with my clit, grinding, sloppy, up and down the length of him. Once, on a particularly abandoned curl-and-tuck on my part, he did make the entrance. And it slid into me good. So goddamn easy fucking velvet slick good that I thought I might surrender. It was all I could do to twist from his steely grasp as he struggled to impale me deeper. A slurping sound escaped as he slipped from my greedy entrance.

    He gasped. “Whaaa..?”

    “Let me,” I suggested.

    Again, I crouched over him, holding his arms above his head, slipping and sliding our slickened parts together, tits waving above his face, nipples so hard, so sensitive, all a result of the wet friction going on between our legs. It didn’t take long before we came in tandem, me beating him by a stroke or three. It seemed as though my climax had set him off.

    187 words from: “Light My Fire,” now available in “Brand X”

  8. The rain always had that effect, kept the good ones home while the creeps washed out of every skank black hole.
    It was like that her first night…and he was a creep. But she did him anyway, holding her breath as he huffed, thrust, and panted into her young pink mouth. She thought of her kid sister. Was he the one?
    The police didn’t know and had no more leads. What was she to do? She had to find out; she had to help. At least, she had to try.
    But, she got swept away in the trying.
    If she had any doubt about what she had become, it vanished with that blow-job stuffed into her sweet Mona Lisa smile. Every night since, her skirts got shorter and the nights longer and the creeps, well, the creeps were all still creeps.
    It was getting harder to remember what her kid sister looked like and why she was here. It was getting harder and harder…and easier, too. There were nights she didn’t care who killed her sister and there were nights she could think of little else.
    The line between purpose and obsession became obscure.

    194 Words from Healing Hearts featured in Coming in Hot Boxed Set, a medical themed collection, released today by Naughty Nights Press with 20 amazing award-winning, bestselling authors. 99c for a limited time. Indulge yourself and help us make it a best seller, too!
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  9. She continued to stroke his cock, watching his reactions to her touch. His mouth was parted, his jaw tight as he worked to keep his breathing even. When she applied her warm breath to the tip of his cock, he licked his lips in response. If she flexed her hand tight around his cock, he would grit his teeth.

    The amorous heat between them built.

    Her own body grew damp with sexual need. The scents of ink, latex, and something akin to incense filled the room with desire. She wanted to suck him off. How deep in her mouth could she get him?

    Would he come in her mouth, his warm juices sliding down her throat? She wanted to taste him, but then again what if he intended to have more of her?

    She smiled as she thought of how much she wanted his cock in her pussy. She wanted him to bend her over the chair and take her from behind too, pumping hard and fast until they both succumbed to orgasm.

    Sindriel caressed her cheek before sliding his hand in front of her mouth and tucking his cock back in his pants. Had she daydreamed too long?

    199 words from "Sindriel" by Mary Corrales

  10. ***New Release***

    WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL ~ A ShapeShifter Seduction Erotic Romance Novel

    ...After a brief struggle with his zipper, Drev shoved at his pants, while half-hopping and contorting his body.

    The instant he stepped out of them, and straightened, his cockhead thrust against the crotch of her jeans.

    "Stud," she throatily praised.

    "Hang on to my neck, darlin'. You're comin' out of those denims."

    "Coming is right." Keina panted her words as she threw her arms around his neck.

    Drev clamped her waist with his hands lifting so her legs released his waist. "Hang on," he raspy encouraged.

    His thumbs slid beneath the waistband, and with quick finesse, he unzipped her jeans. He peeled them over her hips and thighs. Gravity did the rest.

    Keina swung her legs up, surrounding his waist again. The crown of his cock penetrated her juicy folds, torch-hot penetrated. Yet he didn't buck inside her.

    Instead he seized her hair, and gave a passionate yank. With her lips beneath his, he growled, "I want more."

    Flubergastov! Deep in his eyes, gold and emerald exploded into sparks.

    Blistered on the inside, and stunned by his power, Keina did some exploding of her own. Her desire flamed way out of control.

    "Please, hunter, my breasts want you."



    Savanna Kougar ~Run on the Wild Side of Romance~

    Excerpt/Buy Link:

  11. New Release~Sex Is The Best Medicine~Coming In Hot Medical Boxed set~ by Kathleen Grieve

    “Just because you’re bigger than me doesn’t mean you intimidate me,” she said, defiance coursing through her veins. Her heart beat a staccato rhythm against her rib cage.
    He leaned down so that they were nose to nose. The scent of sweat, man, and Irish Spring soap enveloped her. Heat radiated off him in waves. Kate sighed. Leaning in just a bit closer, she inhaled his deliciousness. God help her, but the man simply fascinated her. She wanted to know everything about him. Why was he so cold? What had happened in his life to shape his personality into a wall of obsidian? And more importantly, what would happen if she could get him to melt just a little? She licked her lips, wondering what his next move would be.
    “Not intimidated, huh?” he said. “Little busy bodies like you need to be taught a lesson.”
    As he spoke, his gaze moved to her mouth and her pulse skipped a beat. He wouldn’t dare kiss her. Would he? Kate’s breath caught. Anticipation skittered along her spine. Slowly, she shook her head. Please, please, please put that hot, gorgeous mouth on mine.

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  12. Excerpt from Sweet Ruin by, KN Lee

    Her hands shook as she lifted the flap to open it. She pulled out the card and didn’t bother to read the message. Her eyes went directly to the signature.
    Her ex.
    He’d found her.
    She clutched the letter, too afraid to read it. Her eyes darted from one end of her office to the other, afraid that he was in there, hiding and waiting.
    Instead of waiting around to find if that was true, she hurried to leave her office, not even bothering to lock it up. If some crazy person wanted to get in there badly enough, they would find a way.
    Alice had more dangerous scenarios on her mind.
    Her heels clicked along the linoleum floor as she hurried to the elevator.
    Once inside, she watched the doors close. Her scream was caught in her throat as the lights flickered out. In the darkness, someone pressed her to the back of the elevator.
    She couldn’t scream. She couldn’t move.
    That was the first hint that this was a premonition, and not yet a reality.
    It isn’t real, she said to herself. It is not real.
    Too bad that it felt real, and as she felt her assailant’s cold breath on her neck, she knew who was doing this to her.
    “Leave me alone, Luke,” she pleaded. “Please.”
    Instead of replying, his chuckle in the dark turned her blood cold.
    “Alone? No, love. Never.” His bony knuckle ran along her jawbone, and all she could see was the white light in his eyes as they searched hers. “Don’t tell me that you haven’t missed me? Not one little bit?”

  13. ~New Release~Love,Truth and Consequences:Playing Dirty~By Taisha Demay

    Trina moaned deep down in her throat as his warm mouth surrounded a nipple, sucking it between his lips, alternating from one to the other before moving away and reaching into the nightstand for a box of condoms. Placing them on the surface, he got up,stepped over to the closet, opened the door and removed several neck ties before returning to the bed.
    "Raise your arms above your head."
    After she had done as he instructed, Miller tied both wrists to the headboard, skimming the silk up her check, he covered her eyes with the material, securing the cloth behind her head tying it in lazy knot.
    She lay there vulnerable, longing for his touch. Finally, he did touch her, lowering his fingers to the valley of her breasts, tracing a line over each nipple after tracing a path across her stomach.His soft lips caressed her forehead then brushed her mouth. He kissed her neck, and he shuddered with pleasure. His fingers tickled her sensitive inner thighs, and she realized that he was tracing his name on her hot skin. Branding his property, he repeated the movements on her stomach, her breasts n moving down to her pussy. She was now completely his, and he planned to savor every square inch of her.

    Available at the following:
    B&N :
    Be sure to d to your 'Want to read' ist on Goodreads:https://book/show/31679074-love-truth-and-consequences?

  14. Cardiac Melody - Music of the Heart in Coming In Hot Boxed Set released today!

    “Hold still, Mel,” Damon said, putting his free arm down across her hips, helping to pin her. He kept up his teasing until the thought she’d scream. Continuing to burn, each new circle made her more crazed than the last. Despite how hot it made her, she didn’t quite reach orgasm. Her empty pussy ached and clenched but found no purchase, making her squirm even more.
    “Fuck, that’s maddening. I want to squeeze something in my pussy so badly.”
    “Do you? Well then.” He picked up the rabbit and inserted it. “There you go. Come for me.”
    Melody didn’t need a lot of coaxing, just a few more strokes on her clit and she clamped down on the toy and ground her hips into the mattress. The fire that had been concentrated in that one spot shot through her blood and made her whole body burn.
    “Oh, yeah, sir. Yes.”
    He pinned her clit under his finger, wiggling it very slightly side to side and Melody arched her back.

    Amazon Smart URL:

  15. THORNE: Rose's Dark Contract
    FREE for four days!

    “You’re mine. Do you understand?”
    She squirmed and struggled under me, and I couldn’t resist. I took my free hand and placed a lone finger lightly between her legs. She held her legs tightly together. But my lips quirked into a smile, as I felt the wet, creamy arousal that I knew would be there.
    “I guess you have been thinking of me,” I teased. “Poor baby.” I could be so unkind. Intimidating. Commanding. I didn’t particularly like that about myself. But it was who I was. Who I had become. I had accepted it. “Open up for me,” I stated.
    Her eyes rolled into the back of her head that way they did when her body involuntarily responded to me and her breathing hitched, but she wouldn’t budge her legs. Her face flushed with heat, humiliated at her body’s betrayal.
    I took my finger and slowly, deliciously softly touched her wet slit, up and down, stroking her wet lips and folds, as her moaning began and her legs lost the will to fight. Slowly she opened up to me, willingly, her breathing shallow. I tried to suppress my chuckle.
    “That’s right, baby. Just like the little rose you are.”

  16. Excerpt from "The King's Captain (Merely Players Book 2)"

    Becky opened the door, ran across the room and jumped onto the bed. "Bliss. All big and bouncy."
    Hayley went into the en suite and I turned off all the lights except those on the bedside cabinets.
    Becky kicked her shoes off and rolled on her side, facing me. "I've really missed you," she said quietly. "Phone calls, texts, and e-mails are lovely, but being with someone's much better."
    I sat on the bed and leaned down to kiss her. She put a hand around my neck and pulled me on top of her. We both giggled, then kissed deeply. I'd missed her, too. I liked being with both of them.
    The mattress bounced as Hayley climbed onto the bed. "Snogging my guy, eh?"
    We stopped snogging. "She started it," I said.
    "He was there, just tempted me," Becky said.
    Hayley leaned closer and grinned at me. "I'm not saying I mind." Then she kissed me gently on the lips. "So long as I can join in."
    "Kissing me or kissing Becky?" I teased.
    She raised an eyebrow. "Now that would be telling. Get ready for bed, mister."

    Universal Amazon link -

  17. Excerpt from Pablo Michaels' Jack's Magical Beanstalk & the Jeweled Grotto-
    Sam gasped. “I’m sure glad to see you. How did you know I needed help?”
    “The same way I rescued you before when Master and Slave were getting ready to boil you, I had a vision.” Jack began untying the rope securing Sam to the skewer, starting from the top behind Sam’s head, where it was knotted. “I’ll free your hands and arms, first, so you can grab hold of the skewer. Then I’ll unwrap the rope.” Jack had difficulty untying the knot; it was bound very tight. Finally, he began unraveling the rope around the rest of Sam’s body. Clutching the rope with one hand, he wrapped both arms around Sam and inhaled his masculine scent. He stopped momentarily to enjoy the smell of his body. “Oh, I have missed the scent of your hormones. It sends shivers of arousal throughout me, but I have to stop this enjoyment. We have no time to waste.”
    “I’m aroused, too. I wore your shirt every day, but your fragrance faded after two days. Don’t linger too long. I’m anxious to be free.” As Jack unwound the rope below Sam’s shoulders, releasing his hands and arms, Sam grasped the metal skewer immediately

    200 words Amazon

  18. Hidden Design, the Prophecy. A novel. By Tia Tormen and CK Stone.
    Chapter four:

    Cupping her chin with his hand he tilted her head back, his warm lips planting little kisses down the side of her neck. "You do know what I want to do with you?" he whispered, nibbling her earlobe.
    "I . . . "
    "Shhh. When I ask a question, I do not expect an answer. Perhaps we need to--how do you say--alleviate this problem?"
    Something dark passed her vision; she only realized it was a silk scarf when he placed part of it in her mouth. He knotted the scarf behind her head. "There, perhaps this will quiet you."
    Mikki spun around to confront him, her eyes met his, challenging him. As she reached up to untie the gag, he seized her hands, pushing them behind her back. He pinned her body against the door of the car with one hand, the fingers of his other hand teasing the cleavage between her breasts. Shivers of delight spread down her body and heated her thighs and groin. "So, this will fulfill the agreement between us then?"
    Mikki wanted to tell him to stop, but she was surprised by her own eagerness. She looked into Jacques’ deep brown eyes;

  19. From "At Mother's Command" a BDSM novella by Kay Brandt

    Cas stayed by the bed a moment longer, observing the beaded flogger tails that struck
    Colette's fleshy bottom repeatedly. Her reddening mounds swollen between the binding rope.
    Seeing Colette bound was like gazing at high-end fetish art. Neil used complex knotting
    techniques that allowed for enough space between so the tails could contact flesh.
    The beaded ends caught her puckering ass hole and swept across it, then rotated in a
    seductive circle. “Ohh!” Colette gasped around the gag, keeping her focus on her masculine Dom
    “He's learned well,” Cas remarked to her before letting them be.
    Neil took charge of Colette's full moons, sliding his left fingers under one of the ropes
    binding her bottom to create an even wider opening for him to strike.
    “That asshole's mine,” Neil told Colette, teasing and tickling her forbidden hole with
    relentless precision. He'd fucked her succulent cunt while advancing through Cas's training, but
    never her little ass. In Cas's domain, anal was reserved for the ascension into Dom or supreme
    being status.

  20. Some great excerpts this week, but follow the rules! That means:

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    NO extra text ("like New Release, now available")
    Must be an excerpt (not a blurb)


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