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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Writing Exercise - Katuata / Sedoka

 by Ashley Lister

Submitting to you
Makes breathing impossible:
You do take my breath away

Dominating you
Assuming vital control:
How we both enjoy breathplay

Last month we looked at the mondo form of the katuata. As I’m sure everyone remembers, the Katuata is interpreted by western poets as a three-line form with a syllabic structure of 5-7-7.
The sedoka form of the katuata comes in two stanzas with each performing a separate function.  The first stanza presents a scene. The second stanza shows that scene from another perspective. If we look at the poem above we’re considering the same relationship in stanza one from the perspective of a submissive and, in stanza two, the same relationship is shown from the perspective of the dominant partner.
As a tool for reminding us about the importance of perspective, the sedoka is well worth considering. It’s also a fun way looking at one subject from a pair of diverse perspectives.

Tasting your sweetness
Savouring your musky scent
Drinking your satisfaction

Feeling your wet tongue
As it explores my bare flesh
And transports me to new heights

As always, I look forward to seeing your poems in the comments box below.


  1. Maybe the poem I posted last month is more of a Sedoka than a Mondo?

    It's a bit hard for me to see the difference.

  2. The mondo is usually perceived as two sides of a conversation. The sedoka is one scene from two separate perspectives. I think there's bound to be some overlap between these two forms. ;-)



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