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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Writing Exercise – the Gwawdodyn

 By Ashley Lister

My fetish is not for your bottom
Although I think yours is a hot ‘un
But it’s not your cheeks making my interest pique
It’s your skin beneath skimpy white cotton

The gwawdodyn is a Welsh form of poetry. With four lines, an internal rhyme on the third line, and a relatively fixed metre, it’s a form that is easy to understand and fairly simple to master. Diagrammatically, the structure looks something like this:


This diagram shows the suggested syllable count (9/9/10/9) and the end rhymes (a) and internal rhymes (b). My personal habit with this form seems to be go over the syllable count – but I’m fairly happy with the content so I’m not going to change these too much.

Whenever my love gets a hankering
To have her backside get a spankering
I punish all her fails when she’s spelling towns in Wales
And she gratefully gives me a thankering

I’ll be honest and admit I’ve seen a few different versions of this form. I think I like this one because it reminds me of the limerick which means I can be more playful with the content.

To make your pleasure become first class
I shall stick my left thumb up your ass
The sensation is great but don’t reciprocate
Cos your nails are as sharp as cut glass

As always, I look forward to seeing your poetry in the comments boxes below.



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