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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Are You An Artist?

by Kathleen Bradean

Are you an artist?

If you write, the answer would appear to be yes, but do you think of yourself as an artist?  It might seem a egotistical thing to say to yourself, much less out loud. Allow yourself to accept your place in this world as an artist, no matter how uncomfortable it might make you.

Do artists owe anything to the world?* As Donna discussed in her post, some readers seem to think it's our job to be sexually enticing to them on top of writing stories that stir their libidos. I'm not interested in the delusions of entitled fools. What I'm talking about is the position artists have in society and how we bear a responsibility to that society.

We can weave subversive messages through our creations. Hope is a subversive thing. So are rebellion and conformity.  Acceptance of our desires and sexuality are themes we use to reach our readers and help them feel less alone. In the coming years, it may be even more important to give those things to our readers. So be an artist, and create.

* I'm not so sure that artists owe it to the world to share their art. It's perfectly fine to create for yourself, for the love of it, and for no one else.    

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  1. Yes!

    I don't normally think of myself that way. I tend to see myself as a clever hack. But you are correct, that's doing myself, and my work, a disservice.

    Thank you.


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